Rental led screens

Easy Setup & Maintenance

Our LED displays offer seamless integration into any setting, adapting to diverse environments with effortless installation. Shape and design these displays according to your vision.

Venue Compatibility

Our rentals are designed with seamlessly adapting to various event spaces to enhance your visual experience. Say goodbye to venue constraints and hello to dynamic display solutions.

Technical Support

Our cloud monitoring ensures real-time oversight and immediate assistance, guaranteeing your event's LED screens perform flawlessly from setup to teardown.

CR Indoor

P2.6, P2.97. Compact 500mm x 500mm cabinets, energy-efficient, and hassle-free installation. With an IP65 waterproof rating, they excel in any indoor setting. Up to 2000 nits brightness.

CR Outdoor

P2.97 & P3.9. Fine pitch compact 500mm x 500mm cabinets, offer easy installation and excel in outdoor settings. 3840Hz refresh rate and up to 5000 nits brightness.

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