indoor led screens

High resolution displays

Enjoy crystal-clear visuals with our high-resolution indoor LED screens. Every detail comes to life, whether you're up close or across the room.

Bright & Color accurate

Our indoor LED screens deliver brilliant brightness, ensuring vivid display even in well-lit spaces. Experience true-to-life colors with exceptional accuracy.

Pixel Pitch

Immerse yourself in stunning clarity with our fine pixel pitch indoor LED screens. Every pixel is finely tuned for seamless, high-definition visuals. (P 1.5, P1.8 & P2.5)

S-Pad Series

Revitalize your indoor space

LCDs are a thing of the past

Modern indoor LED panels offer vivid colors, impressive contrast, and high brightness (up to 10,000 nits), free from the bezels found in LCD videowalls. With their small module sizes, these panels can be flexibly configured into captivating displays of any shape, boasting a seamless 3840Hz refresh rate for smooth content and IP65 waterproofing for added protection.

Effortless Installations

Our CNC machined aluminum alloy cabinet ensures high precision alignment, while the cabinet latch simplifies installation for swift and efficient assembly. Experience lightweight ease throughout the process.

Technical Specifications

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