outdoor led screens

Modular Capabilities

Our LED displays offer seamless integration into any setting, adapting to diverse environments with effortless installation. Shape and design these displays according to your vision.

Bright & Eficcient

Our outdoor LED screens deliver brilliant brightness. With up to 10,000 nits brightness, experience accurate true-to-life colors even in direct sunlight, with extreme efficiency.

Completely weatherproof

Built to withstand the harshest conditions while delivering stunning visuals. Intense sun, harsh rains or sandstorms, these displays ensure uninterrupted performance

S Pro Series

Our outdoor modules, Boasting top of the line specs for unparalleled performance and those who demand the best. These modules ensure all your requirements are appeased. Upto 10,000 Nits.

SQ Series

Achieve exceptional brightness with minimal power usage. Engineered for superior performance, SQ cabinets endure diverse weather while maintaining a lightweight and slim design. Upto 8,000 Nits.

Crystal Series

Outdoor brilliance, boasting unfound 1.95mm and 2.97mm pixel pitch, it's waterproof (IP65), lightweight, and super bright. Front and rear serviceability make maintenance a breeze. Upto 7000 Nits.

Why choose outdoor LED Displays?

With their vibrant colors, high brightness, and dynamic content capabilities, outdoor LED displays effortlessly capture attention even in broad daylight. Whether you're sharing advertisements, event information, or announcements, these displays ensure your content remains striking and engaging, leaving a lasting impact on your audience, day or night.

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